a spirited rendition

by The Birthdays

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Recorded between March 2007 and March 2008. Official release took place on April 14, 2010 at The Sunset Tavern. All recordings reflect the efforts of all band members.


released April 14, 2010

Produced by Josh Millen, Adam Burd, Jeromy Nail, & Bryan Lash. Mastered by John McCaig at panicStudios.
Logo design by Tyler Swank.



all rights reserved


The Birthdays Seattle, Washington

The Birthdays are Nick Fuller, Nolan Ericson, Aaron Wahlborg, and Michael Nunan. We formed this band on February 20, 2007. We played shows around Seattle for the better part of 3 years, between 2007 and 2010. We released one studio EP or LP depending on where you draw the line, "a spirited rendition." ... more

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Track Name: Bliss in a Basket
I've got this thing hanging around in my head,
it's a thought about you.
I've got this thing that keeps me awake in bed,
it's the thought of living without you.

Remember when - but then again,
it feels too personal to even sing about.
I dread the day you go away.
I'd love to go, but, you know,
I'm stubborn as a mule knee-deep in quicksand.

I don't know why I can't get myself enough of you,
but, baby, I can't. Maybe it's you.

You've got this thing that makes me sing
in these inebriated, lollipop tones.
You've got this thing - like a skeleton key tongue ring -
that works on more than just hormones.

It's hard to know where this will go,
I might get high, you might get down with low.
But in between I'll say what I mean.
You said your kiss is violent -
I found that out and I kinda liked it.

I don't know why I can't get myself enough of you,
but baby it's true. It's true, baby.
Track Name: Nix Nix
I stumble around with vision unsound and words I can feel.
I wake from a dream and that's when I seem to lose something real.
All that's inside is wrapped up and tied, and tagged wrong within.
So it's hard to find the meaning behind these memories of sin.

But there is meaning in some words that fit together in a melody.
Or maybe I'm all wrong - suckered by a song.

Slow down - things are getting out of control.
Hold on - the rock is way ahead of the roll.
Sit back and listen to some "God Only Knows"...
I want hippie with a bit more soul.

Someone once said, "you're better off dead than trying to find
something in life worth looking at twice," well "someone" was blind.
Maybe it's me who's stuck in a tree that's growing too fast
away from a part that's rooted in art too far in the past.

But there's still reason to stack the same exact words in harmony.
A stone you leave unturned, is rock you never learn.
Track Name: Real Bungee
It's funny - you feel like you're on fire, swimming around in your own tears.
Rev up your mind. Turn of your ears.
Maybe I'm just a flat spare tire, laughing at my own state of things,
hopping from cloud to cloud on springs.

I do not like to feel like I'm alone.
Sell your soul to me and then, girl, be gone.
If you think I've found what you have lost,
believe me, babe, it's worth the cost - pay and find out.

Falling so fast and then rebounding. Ask the air in case she's there.
At least I know I care.
Call me a routine schizophre-nick; if I could be somebody else
I think that I'd pick my other self.
Track Name: The Sayso
Don't be so convinced of your right
to be who you want to or do what you like.
I'm sure you'll one day see the light,
but 'til then, just hang tight.

Don't say "no," don't say "yes."
Better let it go, better shoot for less.
I don't know, but I'll guess
that you feel alone when you give your best.

That glint in your eye's nearly gone.
You gave it a good fight, it's time to move on.
Embrace what you've been all along.
Hey, there, there - now what's wrong?

Don't say "no," don't say "yes."
Never let it show that you second guess.
Don't say "no," don't say "yes."

Recalling the way I was then,
struggling toward an impossible end,
I hearken the urge of a friend,
"It's time now to say 'when'."

Don't say "no," don't say "yes."
Fall into the flow, notice how they dress.
Take it slow, pass the test.
You'll be trained to grow just like all the rest.
Don't say "no," don't say "yes."